Cloud9 have won the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals after they defeated SK Gaming in the Grand Finals on Sunday.

The Grand Finals opened on Overpass, which was a strong map for both teams, and it showed. C9 took a massive 13-2 half on the CT-Side, but SK matched it on their CT-Side to force an overtime 15-15. However, the momentum was in SK’s favor and they took the map 19-17.

Next up was Cloud9 pick’s on Mirage, which saw C9 get off to another early lead, but this time succeed in closing out the map with a convincing 16-6. SK won the pistol round, but thanks to a successful force-buy from C9, they were able to take control of, and eventually win the map.

Map 3 on Dust 2 saw echoes of the second map, with SK winning the pistol round but failing to anti-eco successfully against Cloud9’s force-buy in the second round. The economy swing saw C9 move to a 4-1 lead.

Their pressure was checked, though, when Fallen was able to net four kills including an outrageous no-scope to defuse the bomb and clinch the round for SK.

Unfortunately for the Brazilian squad, echoes of previous maps continued into the third, and they were unable to pick up a single round after Fallen’s clutch, leaving C9 up 13-2, once again, at the end of the first half.

Though SK rallied somewhat in the second half, they were unable to mount the comeback, and the hometown squad fell to their North American opponents 16-5.

Cloud9, who despite recent improvements had been unable to clinch a title until this moment, take home $200,000 in winnings.