Derrick Rose primarily gets his points by slashing to the cup. That’s a tough game that opens him up to drawing contact from defenders.

And yet he only averages 2.4 free-throw attempts per game on the season – and that doesn’t add up in Rose’s mind.

“I’m finding ways to basket, getting there, I’m more concerned about me not getting calls,” Rose told Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News on Saturday following New York’s loss to Toronto.

“I’m getting to the lane the same way everybody else is, and I’m still not getting calls.”

Rose spoke to reporters while nursing a stinger in his left shoulder. He took a hard knock in Saturday’s game but wasn’t afforded the whistle. He finished the night with only two free throws in 38 minutes against 20 shots – 15 of which were attempted at the basket.

Then again, a lack of whistles is hardly something new for Rose. He hasn’t averaged more than four free throws per game since 2012 before knee injuries robbed him of much of his athleticism.